Ma’oon Inc was established in 2014 by five (5) families who share a common vision of community service through neighborly deeds solely for the pleasure of Allah. The Ma’oon Family has taken initiative by providing small kindnesses associated with neighborly deeds [Surah 107:7]. Ma’oon inspires to pave a P.A.T.H. to health and wellness by empowering the individual and families. We envision the planting of seeds by cultivating them in a nurturing environment, producing the fruit that none of us is guaranteed to see.

Board of Directors

  • Yusuf Jaaber
    Yusuf Jaaber
  • Najee Ali
    Najee Ali
  • CiCi Campbell
    CiCi Campbell
  • Bashir Ali
    Bashir Ali
    Public Relations
  • Haroun Muhammad
    Haroun Muhammad
    Sergeant of Arms